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Frequently Asked Questions



Is a surety bond an insurance policy?

            NO. A Surety Bond is a third party agreement between the principal, the obligee and the surety bond company which provides an obligee a guarantee and the financial backing and strength of the Surety Company, in the event the principal defaults or is unable to perform the contract agreement as promised to the obligee. An insurance policy is protection against a covered loss in exchange for a premium at which time the risk is transferred from the insured to the insurer.

Does your surety company write large bonds?

            YES. In most cases we can place almost any size bond, subject to certain underwriting conditions.

Are the bond companies admitted and rated through AM Best and Treasury Listed?

            YES. All companies we offer are licensed and admitted as well as Treasure Listed and AM Best rated in the states that they offer Surety Bonds.

If I have never bonded before, can I still get a bond?

            YES. In most cases there are many creative programs to assist your company in obtaining a Bond.

If my credit is less than perfect, can I still obtain a bond?

            YES. In most cases our company offers many programs for the less than perfect risk.

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